Webworkers, Websockets & Server Side Rendering on Typescript NextJS

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Understanding the Orderbook

And Again

HMS Shannon, from thedearsurprise

A war of exponentials

Photo from Seth Tanner

From the land of fire and mint

Phaya Naga (Mythical Beast)
  • Once upon a time there was a princess in Siam
  • She was such a sweet girl and loved hot spicy Thai peppers
  • She was able to eat spicier peppers than all the men & woman in the Kingdom
  • But so spicy that when she kissed her dad The King on the cheeks, she hurt him!
  • When she became of age, there were many suitors from neighboring Princedoms who wished to date her
  • But for many years, every time she leaned in to the kiss, she burned…

The Fat Merchant vs the Apprentice Watch Maker

Part 3 of the Complete AWS Boilerplate

Part 2 of the Complete AWS Boilerplate

What is Amazon S3?

Part 1 of the Complete AWS Boilerplate

  • An email account
  • A valid credit card (you will not be charged as there is a generous free tier)
  • A phone number (you will receive an automated phone call to verify your identity)
  • If you a student, sign up with your University/College email to qualify for AWS Educate and get free cloud credits up…

Re-Create any Internet Company by copying this Cloud Boilerplate for Startups

🎉 ~ Welcome to The Complete AWS Boilerplate ~ 🎉


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